I waffle back and forth on the straight guys having gay sex issue. At times I think attitudes have changed significantly and being gay isn't such a big deal. Whether things have changed enough so that two straight guys are willing to have gay sex on camera for the first time I guess depends on the guys. These two studs from Next Door Buddies, Sebastian and Samuel, apparently had enough money waved in their face. Or perhaps they were lured with a possible appearance on Next Door Hookups, but before they get to fuck chicks they have to do an on-camera audition with another guy. Who knows. But Next Dorr Buddies says that both of these guys have never done a man-on-man scene. They start off sitting next to each other, watching porn.As they get hard, and start stroking, Sebastian reaches over and gives Samuel a helping hand. This leads into Samuel blowing Sebastian, letting the beefy stud fuck his face. Eventually Sebastian dumps his steamy load onto Samuel's face as Samuel jacks his own dick and shoots a load at Sebastian's feet.

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