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Cooker first arrived at Extra Big Dicks a couple of years back, a cash-hungry straight guy willing to jack his huge cock for the camera. Two years later Cooker returned and let the Extra Big Dicks guys convince him to get his first blowjob from another guy. They promised him that it would be better than any blowjob he'd ever had. And it was. Cooker was stunned and breathless. A couple of months later Cooker was plunging his 9-inch rod into another Tucker's tight hole. Now Cooker and Tucker are back and they're joined by Jason in Cooker's first guy-on-guy-on-guy three way. Cooker had a straight three way just to prepare for this scene. Cooker is a little hesitant at first and lets the other two guys do most of the sucking, but eventually he joins in. After the guys have all shot their loads, Cooker Extra BIg Dicks asks him if he has any unfulfilled fantasies. And Cooker says that he hasn't bottomed yet. He's a little nervous about it, but he knows it's going to happen eventually. And I'm betting that Extra Big Dicks will be there to catch the action.

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