A couple of weeks back I blogged about Sebastian and Samuel in Straight Guys First Time where the guys did a jack off scene together. Sebastian lived out one of his fantasies -- sucking cock. And ever since then, he's wanted to take things a lot further by taking a guy's cock up his butt. Since he was already comfortable with Samuel, Next Door Buddies set things up. Sebastian and Samuel start off by chilling out on the couch, watching some porn. Sebastian pulls his cock out and starts stroking it, with Samuel not far behind him. Sebastian sits up on the edge of the couch and Samuel scoots over and swallows his dick. Sebastian face fucks his buddy for a while. He loves getting head, but wanted to feel his cock inside his buddy's ass, so Sebastian bends Samuel over and slowly shoves his cock all the way into his ass. He goes slow at first, but before long he's slamming pretty hard. Sebastian fucks Samuel in a number of different positions, and while Samuel is on his back with his legs in the air, he's just so turned off that he explodes all over his stomach.

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