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I blogged about Billy the Kid last week. He put on some cowboy gear and posed naked by a creek in a series I called Wet Hunky Cowboy. He's a hot guy with a beautifully muscular body and a big, juicy cock. He's back on Next Door Buddies this week. And while Billy the Kid is straight, throw him some cash and suddenly he becomes gay. He's paired up with Trevor, a big-dicked stud who likes to fuck ass. Billy has never been fucked before, but again, throw him enough cash and he bends over and takes Trevor's huge dick up his ass. Billy might have started with a smaller dick for his first time, but he's an ambitious stud; and when he gets horny, he proves that he's willing to do anything to spew his load. Trevor works over Billy's cock, and then, he bends Billy's over and lubes up his fuck hole with his tongue. And when Billy is good and ready, Trevor inches his big dick up Billy's virgin hole.

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