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Some of the straight guys on Sean Cody like experimenting just a little too much in front of the cameras. Like Dennis, he's an open-minded, 30-year-old straight guy who likes to play around and try new things - a lot of new things, he's gotten his ass pounded on Sean Cody six times, and fucked other guys at least as many times. He's even revealed that, on occassion, his girlfriend straps on eight inches and fucks his ass!

Jess, on the other hand, has a girlfriend who won't take it up the ass, so his forays on Sean Cody are his only chance to play around with anal sex. And he loves fucking ass! Jess and Dennis start out kissing and ripping the clothes off one another. "Fuck," Dennis said looking at Jess's big, thick cock. Then, he swallowed the whole thing and gave Jess a hot, wet blowjob.

When it came time to fuck, Dennis needed a little time to adjust to Jess's big cock. But once the introductions were made, Dennis's ass got to know Jess's huge cock intimately and deeply. Jess fucked Dennis all over that room, and ultimately, Dennis shot like a sprinkler all over his stomach. When he was done cumming, Dennis flipped over and Jess unloaded all over his back. Dennis was covered in cum, back and front. But I don't think he minded one bit!

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