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Straight guy Mike Cooper is no stranger to Next Door Male, he's appeared on the site several times. He was home from college recently on spring break and he spent some time at his parents' home, getting a little R & R. While his parents were at work, Mike spent his days in the back yard studying his favourite thing - his big cock. Mike would do some nude sunbathing by the pool and he's quite the sight! He's got a beautifully muscled and strong body with a smooth chest and belly, but a very solid pair of hairy legs. Lying a towel on the ground, Mike gets on his knees and jacks his dick, his balls swinging between his legs. Then lying on his back he continues stroking his big cock until he shoots a nice load of splooge all over his smooth belly. Afterwards he does what any young guy would do -- he dives in the pool and washes it off!

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