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Sean Cody recently took a gang of his guys on vacation to Hawaii and I've been showing off some of their antics here for you. The guys had a great time, but Sean Cody complained about the challenge of keeping the guys away from random pussy. You see, some of the guys are straight and some are gay. Surprisingly, the gay ones are easy; they behave themselves. The straight ones are always on the hunt for pussy. And this makes it hard, especially when the crew knows a film shoot is coming up. The last thing you want is for one of the straight guys to be wasting his load on some off-screen tryst with a chick. The night before Sean Cody shot this hot fuck scene, he noticed Matt tucked behind a palm tree talking to a petite Asian girl. She was laughing and hanging on every word he said. And you know what that means. So later than night, Sean Cody arrived at Matt's room unannounced. When he knocked on the door he heard scurrying and voices. Matt stood in the doorway looking guilty. BUSTED! And Sean Cody found the Asian girl crouched on the balcony. Thank goodness for Sean Cody's intervention. Jake's hungry fuck hole was primed and ready for a nice dick like Matt's and we wouldn't want any performance issues. And when you see this video you'll know there definitely know there weren't any. Matt fucked Jake's ass all over the hotel room and there are some pretty juicy shots of Jake's fat, uncut dick flopping to Matt's fucking rhythm.

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