This is Clark and he's a new addition to Next Door Male. I love Clark on so many different levels. He's got this boyish quality to him, like his face hasn't caught up to the rest of his body yet. He's 22 years old, but he still hasn't shed all his freckles yet, and he's got this devilish grin -- you know he's up to something. He's almost finished college, but he's taking a break at the moment. Clarke starts out his jack off session slowly. Some straight guys really have to ease into these things. He's sitting on the stairs, fully clothed, and thumbing through a nudie magazine. He rubs his body, takes of his socks and rubs his bare feet. And then, he moves to a chair and gets more into things. Later on, Clark is in the bathroom admiring his hard earned muscles in the mirror. He can admire his muscles all he wants, but from this angle, I'm thinking his ass is his best muscle. What a beautifully round and hard butt. He hops up on the vanity and gets his dick hard. What a perfect cock. It's about 7.5 inches long, thick, and it's crowned with a perfectly proportionate and nicely shaped head. He's got a beautiful cock. He moves to the bedroom and fucks a pillow to get himself really hard and excited, and again, I'm really enjoying the view. Finally, Clark lies back on the bed, and with the camera man shooting over his shoulder, Clark finishes himself off and dumps a thick, creamy load all over his six pack.

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