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What's it with these straight guys willing to let a big-dicked stud pop their cherry? I guess if you throw enough money at a straight guy, his butt hole starts quivering with delight! Or maybe some of these guys just aren't so upfront about how straight they really are. This week on Extra Big Dicks, Derek Princeton agreed to bottom for one Jarrett Fox. When Extra Big Dicks asked in the on-camera interview if Derek knew just how hung Jarrett was, Derek just said, "We'll work on it." Nine inches is a lot of work! But in fun, they decide to arm wrestle to decide who's going to bottom. After a good struggle, Derek loses and it's his butt that's going to be offered up for target practice. So the boys start kissing, and then, Derek unbuttons Jarrett's jeans. Jarrett's huge cock flops out -- it's 7 inches long soft. After sucking his new-found buddy's cock, Derek gets brave and starts mounting it. Slowly he impales himself on Jarrett's huge cock; the pain on his face shows just how tight his butt hole is. Slowly but surely he manages to bury that huge pole deep inside his ass, and then, the real fun begins.

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