Sucking a Huge Cock

Robert is really straight -- well, straight for now. He was recently married; in fact, married before he made his first appearance on Extra Big Dicks. And he made a big splash on the site with his big 8.5-inch cock.He's fairly smooth except for his legs, which are very hairy. And his cock looks good hard or soft. When it's soft it hangs between his legs with a big nob crowning the tip. And when it's hard, he can jack it with both hands. A couple of weeks later, Robert showed up again at Extra Big Dicks and got his cock sucked for the first time by another guy, or so he says. And now this week, Robert is back and he's fucking a nice, tight piece of ass. Eli's ass. And when he showed up for his shoot and EBD asked him how he was, he said, "I'm horny and ready to fuck!" Geez ... just how straight is this guy? I think he might be a parade waiting to happen or "on the waiting list" or something. Anyway, after Robert gets his cock serviced, he bends Eli over the edge of the bed and fucks his ass. Then he puts him on the bed and hoists his legs in the air and fucks him some more. It's a pretty hot scene. And I have a feeling that we'll be seeing some more of Robert and his big dick.

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