Straight Guy Fucking

You may recognize Brodie, I blogged about him a while ago when he first appeared on Next Door Male. I'm actually surprised to see him on Next Door Buddies fucking another guy because during his solo jack off session he just seemed quite laid back. When you watch some guys you can sometimes sense an awkwardness about them, like "I can't believe I'm doing this," or "Does this mean that I'm gay because I'm doing this?" or "I don't really want to be doing this, but I signed the forms now." Just something. He's a super hot guy and he's got a great cock, I just figured we had seen the last of Brodie. But apparently he wanted to do a bit more than a solo. And since Next Door Buddies only had gay work available at the time, Brodie agreed to fuck his first guy. Surprise, surprise! They teamed him up with Brady who started off with some hot oral massage to get things going. Then Brodie bends Brady over and slides his cock deep into Brady's ass. Brodie gives him a hard slamming, fucking him in a number of different positions before he finally empties his balls all over Brady's face. Then Brady nurses on Brodie's spent cock while he busts a nut of his own. Brodie seemed to be trying too hard not to enjoy himself. Well guess what Brodie -- if a guy's ass can make you cum, it feels good, so enjoy it, dude!

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