Sebastian and Samuel were a big hit the last time they appeared on Next Door Buddies. The site got so much e-mail that they decided to bring them back for another show. The thing is that Sebastian is straight, which means he doesn't do a whole lot except suck and fuck. And that's fine because he's a pretty hot looking guy, and it's fun watching him pump ass, but I'd like to see this guy down on his knees sucking Samuel's cock. I mean, fair is fair. Samuel spends a great deal of time sucking his buddy's cock and getting it good and hard. And he even tongues Sebastian's butt hole a little. And then, Samuel bends over the bed and Sebastian shoves his big cock into Samuel's tight ass. He fucks the younger and smaller guy within an inch of his life. When he's had his fill of Samuel's butt, he lies back on the bed and Samuel sucks his cock some more until Sebastian finally blows a load up the side of Samuel's face. I do love watching Samuel work. He's a cute guy and he really does know how to satisfy his partners. It's nice to see him featured so regularly on Next Door Buddies.

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