That hot, lean guy is Criss Strokes, and the boy is packing a long piece of meat. He made his first appearance in the "Next Door" family of sites on Next Door Hookups. That's the site where a lot of the Next Door Male guys are getting it on with women. Apparently, he got to stuff both of his partner's holes with his 10-inch+ cock. Poor girl, she must be walking with a limp. But in his latest gallery he's appearing with another guy, Sebastian. Criss is really horny and it's been a few days since he's had any, so he was willing to let a guy go down on that big cock of his. Sebastian was minding his own business, sitting back in a chair and reading a men's magazine, when Criss shows up and says, "I was wondering if you'd give me a blowjob." Sebastian also prefers women, but doesn't mind helping a buddy out. Criss whips out his big cock and it just flops there by the edge of the chair where Sebastian is sitting. For a straight guy, Sebastian handles a 10-inch cock well. Criss sits back in the chair while his buddy sucks his donkey dick. After a few minutes, the two move from the chair to a massage table, where they have a bit more room to get into it. After a good blowjob, Criss wants to finish himself off, and so they both sit back on the bench and bang on out. First, Criss, then Sebastian shoots his load.

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