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Baby Blue gets his nickname from his beautiful blue eyes, of course, and he's quite the character. He's a jokester and mischievous. And he's the kind of guy who could make any party a lot of fun. Baby Blue is straight and has quite a thing for the ladies. And with those blue eyes and devilish smile, I'm betting he gets a lot of action. And once they get a look at that 8-inch cock of his, I'm sure he's getting requests for an encore. Baby Blue is a lean and trim guy with just a small patch of hair on his chest. He's got both nipples pierced, and he's covered in tattoos, including a huge one completely covering his back. He's got a huge pair of low hanging balls, and when you see him shoot his load, you'll know why. Baby Blue blasts several streams of cum right up the center of his chest. It couldn't get any straighter if you laid down a ruler!

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