braxton bond and steven daigle

Steven Daigle is an exhibitionist and his stint on Big Brother 10 helped him foster that. He always wanted to be in front of the camera, and with the Big Brother name following him around, Daigle has not been having a hard time getting work in gay porn. This week Men Over 30 pairs Daigle up with Braxton Bond, who is also no stranger to gay porn.

When this scene opens, Steven is checking out Braxton's new tattoo. Steven touches Braxton's ink and that leads to some kissing and groping. As they strip out of their clothes, they tumble onto the chaise and continue kissing and licking each other. Steven fishes out Braxton's cock and goes down on the horny stud. After a vigorous cocksucking session, Steven pulls out his own dick and offers it to Braxton, and he holds Braxton's head while thrusting into his throat. He even makes Braxton gag a bit, but he loves it.

Bent over the chaise, Braxton gets his hole rimmed. Steven uses his tongue and fingers to open up Braxton's tight butt hole. Then Steven starts sliding his thick cock into Braxton's hungry ass. Braxton can't get enough and bucks back to make sure he gets every inch of Steven's delicious cock into his ass. "Yeah that ass feels good," Steven moans. Steven braces himself on Braxton's waist and really starts plowing him.

As much as Braxton is enjoying this ass pounding, he wants a little more control, so he has Steven lie back on the chaise and Braxton sits on his cock. A rigorous ride on Steven's fat cock sends Braxton over the edge and he falls back and shoots a fantastic load all over his belly. Steven continues pounding Braxton until the stud is done cumming, then Steven pulls out and empties his nuts all over himself as Braxton watches with delight.

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