Spencer Reed gets married

It seems that every gay nowadays is or wants to be getting married. More and more places around the world are getting their shit together and giving us gays a basic human right to get married to the person we love, so YAY - for that!

Well, of course you know that some porner is gonna want to take someone up the (aisle), and the time has cum for muscle stud Spencer Reed to take the plunge and get "gay-married". He recently announced on his twitter account that he was getting married April 5th. Now, the real mystery is who the hell is the guy? There have been some rumors going around that this person is in fact a MAN - and that's pretty much all we know!

In other Spencer Reed news, he also recently pissed off a lot of people by un-following every single one of his followers on twitter. I guess he must have seen a lot of people were not happy and decided to follow 188 of his over 28,000 followers.. awww! Isn't he just the most generous person on twitter.. like.. ever!?

Well, we wish him and his future hubby nothing but the best, and hopefully they'll have a long and happy life togevs! Congrats!!

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