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Paul Wagner is one of my favorite men working in gay porn today. He's adorably cute, a beefy bear cub with a full beard, and a big meaty ass that loves a hard dicking. He's appeared on a number of gay porn sites around the Web, but I think he got his start of Next Door Buddies. But he's also worked his way into the big leagues, like Raging Stallion, and this week he's gets his soldier butt fucked on Hairy Boyz.

Sami Damo is new to me, I don't think I've seen him before. This hairy Arabian is a real heartthrob. He's got a ripped and cut body. His chiseled pecs are dusted with fur and his dog tags hang down the center of his chest drawing our eye down to his washboard stomach

In this scene, Sami Damo is relaxing on a pile of military gear and he's smoking a cigarette. Paul is supposed to be working, but gets distracted by Sami's good looks. Paul gets down on his knees and nurses on Sami's cock, then this Arabian soldier swallows Paul's hard dick, too. Paul gets down on all fours and offers his beefy, hairy ass to his soldier buddy and Sami doesn't need an engraved invitation - he stuffs his fuck pole into Paul's hairy ass crack.

I love watching soldiers fucking and Hairy Boyz has some of the best military-themed movies out there. And we're not talking about guys in camouflage pants, Raging Stallion went to great pains to give us a three-DVD set of military sex movies called GRUNTS, and it's one of the most real videos featuring hot soldiers going through bootcamp. And since then they've produced some other hot military flicks. A lot of these scenes are now available on Hairy Boyz.

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