Smooth Muscular Hunk

I loved Tyler when he first showed up on Next Door Male a few months back. This muscular hunk has such an amazing body, and his dick ain't bad either. In fact, his cock is pretty fucking hot. I really do love a "shower" with a nice floppy piece of meat. And when Tyler isn't standing naked outside in the cool breeze, his balls are low hangers and a pretty good size. But in this picture, they're hugging pretty close to his scrotum for warmth. But being naked outside really turns Tyler on. And when Tyler gets his cock hard, we see he's a "grower" too. His cock gets very long and very thick. He grinds the soft sheets of the bed first, getting himself really excited, and then he rolls over and pumps out a very satisfying, creamy orgasm, covering his hands and cock with cum. And I loved watching him lie on the bed afterwards with his big, fat cock hanging over his huge low hangers, relaxing and feeling the euphoria.

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