Smooth Muscle Guy

Ricky M. is a 22-year-old fireman from Vancouver. And yes, several times a week he gets stopped on the street for an autograph. So maybe Ricky Martin isn't gay, as the rumours suggest, maybe it's his Vancouver alter ego running around town stirring up the gossip machine. This Ricky M is making his debut on Next Door Male. He says that he hadn't been very sexually active, mostly due to a strict upbringing, but is now that he's out on his own, he's opening himself up to try new, fun experiences. He's good looking with a rock-solid body - he's a beautiful, smooth muscle guy. And wait until you see his ass, it's beautiful - firm, round, tanned, two perfectly shaped globes of flesh just waiting to be grabbed. And his cock is pretty tempting, too. When he's hard his cock is sticking straight up in the air. He's sporting about 8 inch and he's foreskinned, too. Ricky M. doesn't have much in the balls department, but that doesn't stop his from shooting a thick, creamy load all over his smooth belly. You're going to enjoy watching him getting started on his glassed balcony, and pumping his cock ready; then he moves inside for a shower, and then, for the grand finale, sitting on the hardwood floor and jacking off a nice load for us.


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