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Gabe is 19 years old and made a few suck and fuck videos for Sean Cody, four of them to be exact. He's a pretty cool and level-headed guy. He even told his dad that he was going to film some porn for Sean Cody and his dad simply said, "Hey, if I could be a porn star I'd be one too, but I'm 50!" Gabe hadn't had a lot of experience with guys, he'd only play with one guy when he started making videos for Sean Cody.

After his fourth video Gabe met a guy and things got pretty serious, so that put an ending to his budding gay porn career. When things fizzled, Gabe called up Sean Cody and got set up with a scene with Chris, a 19-year-old college sophomore. He's a hot, blond jock and loves to party - don't they all? He's also on the wrestling team. He's got a smooth, muscular body and he's very cute, a real ladies' man. He's made five videos with Sean Cody - fucked twice and got boned three times, and this session with Gabe makes four.

These two horny smooth guys couldn't wait to get their hands on each other. On the drive to the studio Gabe's cock was already stiffening in his shorts, so Chris pulled it out and started sucking it. Then things really heated up when they got into the studio. The guys swapped blowjobs, then Gabe lubed up Chris' butt hole with his tongue. And Chris got his ass fucked all over that studio - on the couch, bent over a chair, on the sofa. For a guy who likes having sex with girls he sure doesn't mind getting boned. And who wouldn't? Gabe has a nice thick cock - the thick ones always feel the best. In the end Chris smooth chest was a target for Gabe's big load of cum. Chris was completely soaked in spunk.

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