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I do love my bald men. So I was very happy when I arrived at Men Over 30 today. Brock Russell is a sexy, bald stud, and he's right up my alley. He's making his debut on the mature man site, but I know that I've seen him somewhere before, I just can't place him. Brock is a keeper -- bald head, boyish grin, brown eyes, and a thick dick. He's in excellent physical shape, with a well-defined body and abs to kill for. At 35 years of age he still hasn't gotten over his horny twenties, and he still needs to shoot a load a couple of times a day. There's a sequence in this video that I just love: Brock hoists his legs over his head, and holding his feet with one hand, he holds his cock with the other -- it looks like he steering with a rudder. His smooth butt hole is winking for the camera and it sure conjures up some hot fantasies.

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