Some guys are just so damned cute that you'd overlook the fact that they have a small cock. But you know, I often think that big cocks are overrated. Sure, it's lovely to look at a 9 or 10-inch cock; and it's hot thinking about slurping on a big pole like that, or having it pound into your hole. But when it comes right down to it, it's bloodly hard work. I had a 9-incher attached to a beautiful, black, muscular guy back in January and it was a lot of fun until he bend me over a setee and tried to fuck me. It took 10 minutes to get the bloody thing in. And that's why a guy like Ulrich is hot. For me, after that initially settling in period, you know when the old butt muscles finally relax, as long as a guy has some girth to his cock and healthy stamina, I'll enjoy a fucking from him -- I don't need a huge cock to know I'm getting fucked. And guys with smaller cocks always try harder anyway. Too many big-dicked guys are do-me queens, just lie their and "worship my meat." Ulrich's got a powerhouse of a body, naturally lean and not too muscular, but you know just by looking at him that he can fuck. Ulrich's a good-looking guy with beautiful blue eyes and some sexy chin scruff, and such deliciously beautiful and kissable lips. And I always enjoy sucking average-sized cocks better, you can do it a lot longer and your mouth doesn't hurt. No, Ulrich is a cutie and he'd do just fine.

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