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Bobby Brock has a big, 9-inch cock and he's used to guys fawning all over it. Hunter Cole is no different. On Extra Big Dicks, the guys start kissing on the couch and they slowly undress one another. Stripped down to their underwear, Hunter can see the massive bulge in Bobby's shorts, but the well-hung stud decides a cock tease is in order. He goes down on his buddy and sucks his cock. Hunter is torn, he's loving feeling Bobby's lips wrapped around his dick, but he's dying to feel Bobby's huge cock sliding down his throat.

When Hunter's turn arrives Bobby face fucks him with his thick meat. They manoeuver into a slobbering 69 cocksucking session on the chaise. With Bobby's dick standing at a full nine, hard inches, he's ready to bury his tool in a nice piece of ass. Hunter sits on it and slowly slides it all the way home. This boy's ass is hungry for cock and it's not leaving any leftovers. Bobby lets Hunter's ass adjust to his huge cock, and then, he bends Hunter over the ottoman and fucks him hard.

Finally the guys sit back on the loveseat and jerk off together. Hunter shoots his thick load first and Bobby follows, splattering all over his own belly. I'm going to the instant replay; I want to watch Hunter sliding down that huge fuck pole one more time.

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