Jacking Off

Caleb Black is a lucky guy. He finds himself alone in a beautiful mansion for a weekend. He's house sitting. But they should have called it house jacking because this hot, young guy plans to jack his cock in every room of the house. It's a hot day, so Caleb starts off with a little skinny dipping in the pool. And this is the first chance we get to look at his cock, and boy, is it thick! It hangs pretty nicely between his legs, too. The cool water feels good on his cock and balls, and he starts feeling kinda horny. Here comes jack off session number one! He gets out of the pool and heads to the back yard for some outdoor jacking. And while Caleb is enjoying the warm sun on his naked body, he heads indoors and finds a comfortable chair. He lies back naked in the chair, spreads his legs, and starts pumping his dick. That's jack off number two! But this time he shoots a vigorous load of spunk all over his belly. You'll have to check in with Next Door Male to see what kind of other trouble Caleb gets into.

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