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When Christian Wilde finds his buddy outside jacking off, he does what every horny guy would do -- he watches. In this Next Door Buddies video, Dylan McLovin is standing behind a brick wall with a porn magazine in one hand, his dick in the other, and his jeans down around his ankles. Christian stands at the gate and watches his buddy pounding his meat. Christian grabs his own cock and gives it a few tugs. And when Dylan is startled by Christian's presence, the good-looking, tall stud assures his buddy by walking towards him, dick in hand. Dylan starts to show Christian the porn magazine saying, "Check this out," but Christian grabs Dylan's dick and says, "That's not what I was thinking of checking out." After pulling one another's dicks for a couple of minutes, Christian squats down and swallows his buddy's cock. After sucking one another, Dylan sits down on the stone steps and starts stroking his hard cock; Christian towers over him and does the same. Several minutes later, in one of the most sought-after simultaneous orgasm, these two studs shoot their loads at exactly the same time! As Dylan's dick explodes upwards like a geyser, Christian's huge cock fires off a powerful jet of cum that lands on the ground between Dylan's feet. I don't know what's hotter, listening to Dylan moan while he starts to shoot, or his "fuck, oh yeahs" when he sees Christian's huge load fire past his face.

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