Cam boy with shaved head and fat mushroom head cock

Meet Jack from Chaos Men. He's not exactly the regular Chaos Men model - he has a more casual look, and his tattoos and shaved head are pretty darn sexy. This is Jack's first time on camera - sort of. He actually works as a cam boy, although he's straight, so he's pretty used to being on camera, but only on live cam that he controls himself. For this shoot, Jack gives over control and let's the photographer from take over, and the results are hot.

Jack's got a great body - he's lean and athletic with great pecs and squeezable biceps. He's also got a hairy asshole, which we only get a glimpse of, and a fat cock with a mushroom head that stands at attention, and is hard enough to hang your hat on. Of course, we don't want to hang a hat on Jack's manmeat - there are much better things to do with it!

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