I'm not normally into blondes, but when they're covered in beard scruff and tattoos, I make an exception. Tyler's a 42-year-old, ex-semi-professional baseball player. He's a whopping 6'3", weighs in at 225 pounds, and sports a 7" cut cock. Can you imagine all of that packed into a pair of those tight baseball pants? Man alive, I'll bet he rarely struck out when up at base; what pitcher could concentrate on their throw when they had Tyler standing in front of them? The first thing you notice about Tyler when he takes off his shirt is his well-developed barrel chest - a little hairy with erect nipples and a tribal tattoo swirling across his left shoulder and down across his hard pec. His belly's furry, too, and he's got another tattoo twirling around his navel. A solid set of legs round out this hot package. Totally naked, Tyler settles in for a long, slow jack off session. He's a finger jacker: two fingers on the underside of his shaft, thumb across the top. And when he cums he lets out three or four really loud grunts. You're going to want to check out this sexy older man.

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