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When this scene opened up, I was pretty sure that newcome Clay Towers was going to get his ass fucked. Boy did I get that wrong. Men Over 30 paired up Clay with Chad Brock, a a sexy 41-year-old man with a mohawk. Now it wasn't too hard to pair these two up because Clay and Chad are real-life lovers. They met together on set and the chemistry was awesome, so they made like a couple of lesbians and rented a U-Haul.

They begin to kiss softly and then Clay was on his knees sucking Chad's cock. When Clay knelt on the sofa and Chad started rimming his ass, I was sure this 30-year-old stud was going to get his ass plugged. But the guys fell onto the couch in a passionate kissing session. (Check out Clay's ass, it's beautiful and beefy and he's got one super hairy patch in the small of his back.) Clay sat back in a comfortable chair and Chad mounted his stiff cock. Chad rides Clay's dick hard until Clay pushed Chad to the floor and fucks him doggy style. Then the guys roll over and with Clay pumping his ass hard, Chad shoots a big load of cum all over himself. Clay pulls out and adds to the mess and the two men collapse on the floor exhausted.

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