Sexy Latino Guy

The older I get, the younger they look. Believe it or not, this sexy Latino guy is only 19 years old. Geez ... they sure didn't look like this when I was 19. Jay has shown off his stuff once or twice before over at Extra Big Dicks. At a striking 6', this Latin muscle stud is quite the charmer - sexy bedroom-brown eyes, cinnamon skin, and full kissable lips. And when he flashes a smile, watch out! He's got a beautifully well-built and solid body - smooth with bumps and curves in all the right spots. I'm a butt man, so his ass really gets me. I love how the tufts of hair crawl right us his butt crack. And when he's lying face side down on the leather sofa, I just want to risk my luck and crawl between those beefy legs and spreads that butt with my tongue. When Jay's uncut cock is soft, it's really just a comfortably average piece of meat. It's sheathed in foreskin and looks delicious, but it's definitely not hinting at what's to come. From almost out of nowhere, Jay's cock springs to life - it's long, slender, and his olive-shaped cock head is blazing reds and purples. What a beautiful dick. And if he's telling the truth in his interview he can fuck for a long time and cum on command. This sexy Latino guy lies back on the floor and pumps out a thick load all over his stomach. By the time he's done, his navel is full of cum and several milky pools are splattered across his belly. You're going to love this guy!



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