Sexy Lad Gives his Daddy a Passionate Screw Sexy Lad Gives his Daddy a Passionate Screw

Role Play is one of the sexiest things has produced in a long while. I didn't even think I was watching a porn video, it felt like cinema, a gay movie where the director decided to include actual sex instead of just getting the guys rolling around a bed and using tricky camera work to make us think they're having sex.

Spanish lad Allen King is standing in his underwear and looking out the window when his lover, Axel Brooks, enters. They embrace and kiss, then slip onto the bed for a long, tender love-making session. More kissing leads to dick sucking. The oral is sensual like someone has told these two that this will be their last taste of cock, so they want to savour every minute of it.

I'm guessing by the title of the scene that Axel is usually the top in this relationship, but today he's letting Allen screw daddy's ass. And like the sucking, Allen isn't in a hurry. It's one of those fuck sessions we all long for where every stroke and pump of his cock is purposeful. Even when he ramps up his thrusting at the end, he's still not fucking like an inexperienced 18-year-old who thinks fast is always better.

Daddy lets his boy has his fun for 21 minutes, then Axel pushes Allen off him and slips between his legs. Axel drills Allen hard for a couple of minutes until they're both ready to unload on Allen's smooth belly.

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