Look who just moved in "next door." I thnk I'm in love. Tyler is the latest guy to join the Next Door Male group of guys. Now Next Door Male has become one of my favourite haunts because, week after week, they consistently bring a hot line-up of guys. Straight jocks with hard bodies, good-looking, and sexy. But Tyler here takes things to a whole new level. Tyler is Playgirl hot! That's not a slight towards the Next Door Male men, but every once in a while you see a model who is just so good looking that he should be displayed on the cover a magazine. That's Tyler. He's tall with a long, lean, and very well defined body. I absolutely love his sculpted shouders and pumped up thighs. He's sporting some chin scruff that I alway love on a guy, and it looks like he hasn't shaved the rest of his face for a few days. Hot! He opens his video wearing a baggy shirt and a pair of sweats, and you have no idea what lies beneath. He catches himself in the mirror and begins checking out his body from different angles. He's one of those guys whose cock just doesn't look like it'll amount to much when it's soft, but you'd be very wrong making that assumption. As soon as he touches it his cock plumps up and starts to grow. First it thickens and starts to hang lower like a big piece of sausage. Man, Tyler has one of the most beautiful cocks I've seen semi-hard. It would be pretty hot getting down on yours and bringing that piece of meat to its full glory.

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