Hairy Muscle Man

Sean Harris is one of my favourite hairy men in gay porn today. He's such a sexy fucker, but cute at the same time. Sean Harris pretty much has everything I look for when I'm on the prowl for hairy man cock - he's bald with dark eyes and a full, sexy beard; he's well-built and covered in fur; he's got a great cock, perfect for sucking; and he's got a hot, beefy ass complete with a shaved butt hole. The only problem I have with Sean Harris is that his ass is open for business, the man loves ass play - and so do I. Two bottoms together, geez, what would we do? But if you've ever seen this sexy hairy man in action, you'd know that he really inspires a top man to greatness. Harris has the most beautiful, beefy ass and his fuck hole is shaved smooth and deliciously pink. If you don't normally eat ass, you'd want to feast on this one. Fuck, it's gorgeous.

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