JD Kollin is exactly my kind of man. If I were describe just one type of man that I could have, and only one, JD Kollin pretty much sums it up. I've never really been into blondes; the odd time a German or Swedish man will turn my head, but since I was a teenager I've always been drawn to darker men -- Italians, Spaniards, Latinos, Frenchmen, Greeks. I love the look of a dark-haired man with dark eyes and slightly tanned or olive complexion. And I like my men to look like men, with facial hair, body hair, and some beefiness to their bodies. JD Kollin is it. He's a sexy man with smoldering good looks. He looks like a man, but there's a cuteness to his face, an almost boyish quality. His soulful brown eyes just draw you in and I love his couple of day's of face scruff -- that's really fucking hot. And since I love kissing, I just adore his beautiful, plump lips. JD Kollin's body is in really good shape. He obviously works out and takes good care of it. And his chest hair -- fuck, it's so sexy the way it swirls across his pecs. And JD Kollin's cock, well it's not the prettiest of cocks -- it has a wicked right-hand curve to it and it's cock head ridge is really flared. But nevertheless, JD Kollin is so fucking hot, you'd be down on your knees taking care of that dick of his. JD Kollin is in the latest Hairy Boyz video update and Kollin is flying solo in a bathroom and jacking off his hot, curved cock.

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