I don't know where Hairy Boyz finds them. Just when I think I've seen the sexiest, hairy man on the planet, they bring another one out of the woodwork. Many of you may have seen this hot, hairy man before, he went by the name of Steele. But then, he just disappeared. But now he surfaced again with a new name -- Aaron Action. He's a masculine and good-looking man with a strong, hairy body. His head is shaved and his facial hair is sculpted into stylish and sexy sideburns and a goatee. I love interesting-looking facial hair. He's got a strong upper body with rounded shoulders and bulging biceps. But one of my favourite things is his furry belly. And of course, I couldn't let Aaron Action slip away without mentioning his uncut cock. His dick is thick at the base and his foreskin is tightly wrapped around his cock head. And wait until you see his big, beefy ass -- perfectly framed in a black jockstrap, it's slightly hairy with a nice dark streak of hair crawling up his ass crack. I sure do look forward to seeing more of Aaran Action.

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