Sometimes when I see a hot man I get all giddy like a school girl. When I first loaded up Men Over 30 today and saw Todd here in the update section, I felt all tingly and giggling inside. I think I even said, "Oh my, " out loud. And at 6'1" and 205 pounds and a 7.5 inch cock, there's a lot of sexy hairy man to "oh my" about. There are some pictures of him kneeling shirtless at the foot of his bed, his baggy shorts are riding down, giving us a peek at his hairy ass crack. It's just so fucking hot. Now that's some plumber's butt I don't mind checking out. He's got a beautiful hairy chest with hair whisping across his shoulders, and his nipples are hard. Todd's a scorcher of a hunk of man. I don't even mind that his big cock has one of those deadly curves to the right. You know the kind that when you're sucking it feels like you coming around a corner. :) In this video, hairy man Darren lies back on the bed and strokes his cock with his right hand and plays with his nipple with the other. And then he blasts a huge, fucking load all over his massive thigh. Oh my, here comes that giddy feeling again. I have to go and play a certain video clip over and over again.

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