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Men Over 30 loves sexy bald men and they jumped at the chance to feature Hank Real on their site. Hank has made a few gay porn videos over the years, but he's still pretty much an unknown. Although God knows why he hasn't performed more because he's a hot fucking man. Standing 5'11" this hunk whips out his 8-inch cock and gives us a taste. Still wearing his tight boxer briefs, Hank sits back on the sofa and tweaks his nipples. They're really sensitive and always give him a good boner. Then he hoists his legs over his head and pulls off his boxers, giving us a good look at his baseball-sized nuts. He tugs and pulls on them while he strokes his hard dick. Much to my surprise -- and pleasure -- Hank grabs a big dildo and greases up his butt hole. He slides that dick deep inside of him until the toy's balls are pressed right up against his own. With the cock making his ass feel good, Hank shoots a milky load all over his smooth belly. In the post-orgasm euphoria, he plays with his own cum rubbing it into his skin while his dick returns to it's normal size.

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