SeXgaymes have brought two gorgeous men together once again and what a scenario they managed to create! Rick and Ricardo have known each other for quite a while but this is their first time getting it on with one another on camera. No matter though. It's like there's no camera even there as Ricardo plunges Ricky Bauer's ass with his big, thick battering ram. Rick is your fairer-skinned bottom boy and Ricardo....well Ricardo is all stud and has no problem whatsoever showing it here in this awesome fuckfest.


Yeah Rick takes it hard and fast. We cut right to the chase here with no fucking around. Sometimes it's just better to cum in on a sizzling fuck session in mid-scene. Especially when it looks as good as this.


Oh hell yeah! Love the look on Rick's face as he rides that huge hard boner. The ecstatic expression is pretty tell-tale I would say. No doubt he's coasting through a wonderful existence of sheer bliss at that moment. That would only be natural.


Loads are about to be blown! But don't worry guys. SeXgaymes doesn't leave us hanging as they offer up a real live video preview of these two huge-dicked studs getting right into some nasty gay carnage. Let' see how long it takes for you all to click on that free gallery link. I bet it won't take too long at all. He He.

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