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Adam Rogue is a hairy muscle daddy who is making his debut this week on Extra Big Dicks. Adam is a big boy, standing 6'2", weighing 245 pounds, and packing an 8-inch dick - and he's muscled and hairy.

Alexander Garrett is a hot Colombian who has appeared on Men Over 30 and he's helping breaking this hairy muscle daddy into his first sex scene. Alexander is also packing quite the big, uncut cock. Adam is flipping through a gay porn magazine when Alexander arrives to measure the muscle hunk for some alterations. Everything goes fine until Alex is down on his knees measuring Adam's inseam ... uh huh, you know where this is going.

The men start making out, kissing passionately and stripping out of their clothes. Alexander undoes Adam's pants and releases his rock-hard cock. He playfully measures it before sliding it down his throat. Adam wants to suck some dick, too, and Alexander fills the muscle daddy's mouth with 8 inches of uncut, Colombia cock.

Alexander gets down on all fours on the couch and Adam checks out the hot ass he's about to fuck. Adam fingers Alex's sweet ass a bit before diving in with his tongue. Then Adam sits back while Alexander straddles his thick meat. Alexander starts to ride Adam and the muscle daddy asks, "You like that big cock?" Who wouldn't? The guys fuck in a couple more positions and then relax on the couch and jerk off together. Adam covers his hairy abs with a delicious load of cum and Alex follows shooting chunky blobs of thick cum all over himself.

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