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Christian Wilde is 20 years old and hails from San Francisco. He's appeared on Circle Jerk Boys before, but this is his first appearance on Extra Big Dicks. 23-year-old Kurt Wild is gay for pay. He's married with a wife and two toddlers back home in Missouri. Kurt is a small guy, he's only 5'8", but he's packing an 8.5-inch cock. And he's going to earn his pay today because Christian Wilde is going to plug his hole. The guys take turns sucking one another's cocks. Christian lies back and luxuriates as Kurt slides his lips up and down the length of Christian's hard cock. "That's a big cock!" Kurt says as he greedily worships every inch. And when you see Christian's hard cock lined up against Kurt's puckered tight hole, you'll wonder how Kurt is going to manage to take it all. But he makes that big dick disappear and still seems to want more. The final scene is the best, with Kurt lying on his back, covered in his own spunk, he receives a flying blast of cum from Christian's big dick. Jet after jet of spunk fly through the air and cover Kurt in jizz. He sure did earn his money this time!

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