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Lucas Knowles is originally from Poland and this 31-year-old stud has a delicious uncut dick. Diego Vena loves servicing foreskin dicks, so he's in heaven. He's even more thrilled that Lucas' dick is so nice and big. Lucas himself is a nice chunk of meat, standing 6'3" and weighing in at 210 pounds.

Lucas and Diego have just returned home from a workout and Lucas asks Diego for tips on stretching. Hmmm ... does Lucas mean post-workout stretching or butt hole stretching? Soon the guys are pawing one another and they fall onto the couch and get into some heavy making out. Lucas sits back in a chair and Diego slides Lucas out of his pants. Lucas' uncut dick is rock hard and ready for servicing. Diego swallows Lucas' stiff fuck stick as he kneels on the floor. Lucas is getting really horny and wants to feel the back of Diego's throat, so the Polish stud stands and starts fucking Diego's hungry mouth. Lucas' balls slap Diego's chin as he thrusts his big cock further down the cocksucker's throat.

Diego moves over to the couch, gets down on all fours, and offers his tight butt hole for inspection. Lucas slathers his tongue up and down Diego's ass crack. Then Lucas sits back on the couch and Diego mounts that big uncut dick. Diego winces in pain as his ass gets used to this massive invasion. It takes a few minutes, but eventually Diego is riding Lucas hard. The guys swap positions a couple of times, and finally Diego is lying on his back, legs in the air, and getting his ass pounded. Lucas' big, Polish cock hits the right spot and Diego nuts all over himself. Seeing Diego's creamy load sends Lucas over the edge and drenches Diego in spunk. Diego is completely soaked! Head over to Men Over 30 and watch the free preview video.

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