josh west and kevin cavaille

It's always a pleasure to see any cocksucker working Josh West's big dick. He has such a beautiful cock - long and thick - and the man knows how to bury his meat in a willing butt hole. This week he's getting done by a cock-hungry straight guy in a video from Men Over 30.

Kevin Cavallie is a 25-year-old guy who apparently prefers girls unless there's a 9-inch dick hanging around waiting to be serviced. Yeah, I know lots of straight guys like that. These two guys strip down to their underwear and Kevin is on his knees in no time licking Josh's stiffening meat. The he opens wide and Josh slides his dick down this cocksucker's throat. While Josh is fucking Kevin's throat, Kevin is stroking his own big dick.

After getting down on his knees and giving Kevin some head, Josh puts Kevin down on all fours and starts burying his cock in Kevin's ass. What a beautiful sight, seeing Josh's 9 incher sliding all the way inside Kevin's hole. Kevin desperately wanted to get boned, but that doesn't make taking a huge dick any easier. After a couple of minutes Josh is banging Kevin's butt hole good. Then Josh sits back in a chair and Kevin mounts him and rides that dick hard and deep. And when Josh is finished plowing butt, he splashes his load all over this bottom's face.

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