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Ridge Michaels is a 25-year-old redhead who loves servicing a big, juicy cock. Extra Big Dicks made Ridge's dream come true when they paired him up with gay porn star Diesel Washington. Talk about a beautiful, black dick - 9 inches long and meaty. They guys break the ice and kiss passionately on the couch. When Ridge slides Diesel's jeans down around his ankles, the hungry cocksucker starts groping Diesel's boxers. Ridge hauls out Diesel's thick black cock through the fly of his boxers and gets to work servicing that delicious black cock. With his big cock buried down Ridge's throat, Diesel says, "Show me those beautiful eyes." Diesel moans, as Ridge stares up and continues to blow him.

After enjoying a long, slow blowjob, Diesel sucks Ridge's 8-inch cock; and then, Diesel spreads Ridge's butt cheeks and slides his tongue into Ridge's pink, tight fuck hole. But it's not going to be tight for long because Diesel inches his hard black cock into Ridge's butt hole and rides him hard. After getting his ass drilled, Ridge lies back on the sofa. Diesel crawls between his legs and sucks Ridge's hard cock while jerking his own. Diesel's nuts send an explosion of spunk all over his abs. A few seconds later, Ridge starts to moan, pulls his cock out of Diesel's mouth, and spews his load. What a hot scene!

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