Sucking a Nice Dick

Sometimes a dick just needs to be sucked. Push all your own stuff aside, kneel down, and start worshipping. Rusty Stevens appeared on Circle Jerk Boys a year or so ago, and after taking a year off from camera work, he's back and eager to make some hot flicks. And I'd say with this suck and fuck video, he's back with a bang. Extra Big Dicks found him a super hot, 20-year-old who is packing one of the thickest 9-inch cocks I've ever seen, Chasen Hart figured out at 15, back in military school, that he was not hung like your average bear. And in this scene, Rusty gets down on his knees and thanks the gods for sprinkling a little extra growth hormone on Chasen's winky. Rusty sucks it, he licks it, he kisses it, he slobbers all over it, and he even tries to deepthroat it. And he loves every last inch of it. But he really wants to see just how many of those nine inches he can bury inside his ass. He bends over and braces himself against a chair, and Chasen starts easing his hard rod inside Rusty's ass. It took a little time and a little grimacing, but eventually Rusty's ass swallowed the whole thing. And once his insides had been comfortably hollowed out, Rusty was riding that bone like the horsey ride at the grocery store.

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