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Krist and Scott have fucked together before. A few weeks back, I blogged about these two in Opposites Attract. And these guys are opposite in just about every way. Krist Cummings is 21 years old, stands 5'4", sports a 6-inch cock, and is about as white as a guy who stays out of the sun can be. Scott Alexander is 37 years old, stands 6'3", and he's packing a big, black dick. In this scene over at Exta Big Dicks, Krist walks into his apartment to find a giant Christmas present in the middle of his living room. When he opens the box, Scott pops out! (I told you it was big!) Krist can't contain his excitement and he climbs into the box and starts working on Scott's big, black dick. After swapping blowjobs, Scott bends Krist over and slides his huge dick inside Krist's small, tight butt. (I'm still amazed this tiny guy can stuff such a big cock up his ass.) But Krist is insatiable, he begs Scott to pick up the pace. Scott puts Krist down on his knees and pounds him doggy style until he finally flips Krist over and spews his creamy load all over Krist's belly. And fuck man, you should see the powerful stream of cum that shoots out of Scott's big dick. Wow! What a Christmas present!

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