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Who hasn't tried sucking their own dick? We all have, but only a few of us are able to achieve the ultimate in self satisfaction. It takes a unique combination of limberness, dick size, and trim physique to be able to swallow your own dick. And Brian has the right combination. This week at Men Over 30, this mature man is showing us that self sucking ain't just for the young guys. He's still in good enough shape that he can bend over and wrap his lips around his stiff cock. He just sits on the edge of the couch with his hard cock sticking straight up in the air. Then he wraps his arms under his legs, lowering his head down towards his cock, and in a few effortlessly seconds, this self sucking stud is sliding his dick into his own mouth. And what a beautiful dick it is -- his cock head mushrooms deliciously. Can you imagine? With those kinds of skills who would need a boyfriend. And even if you had one, when he says he's got a headache, you could make him jealous and just bend over a suck yourself off with him lying there beside you feigning his headache.

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