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Patrick spies his buddy, Dorian, groping his crotch while watching some cell-phone porn. Patrick is a horny guy and never misses an opportunity to service his straight friends, and he's one of the regular "service" men on Next Door Buddies. When a straight guy's really horny, he'll let you get away with a lot more, especially when you're on your knees with his dick in your mouth! Patrick sneaks up behind Dorian, who is sitting on the couch, and Patrick slides his hands down around Dorian's beefy torso. Together they check out the porn Dorian was watching. And then, Patrick makes his move, sliding his hand down around Dorian's stiffening crotch. And it's not long before Patrick is kneeling between his buddy's legs and nursing on his big cock. And once Patrick has teased Dorian beyond the point of no return, he offers his ass and asks his straight buddy to fuck him. Bend over a wooden table, Patrick gets so excited by the feeling of Dorian's cock up his ass that Patrick blows a huge load of juice all over the table top. It's phenomenal! Then Patrick flips over so Dorian can coat his belly with his own spunk! And that's how you seduce a straight friend.

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