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Liam is a handsome guy with a rock-hard body. He's the all-American jock and he's also a southern boy, polite and full of charm. Sean Cody was meeting him for the first time on the morning of his first film shoot with the jock porn site. After chatting for a minute Sean Cody said, "OK let's get you naked so we can check out the merchandise!"

After a couple of minutes in the backroom, Liam said, "Ya'll can come in now if you'd like". And when Sean Cody entered the room, there was Liam standing naked with a devilish grin on his face and a hard-on between his legs. This hot-looking stud was excited to get started with his jerk-off session.

Liam really likes showing off. And why not? He's got a hot body and his dick takes little effort to get hard. And when fully erect, this stud's sporting a strong banana curve with a big nob. He wasn't nervous at all; in fact, Sean Cody had to take a few breaks so Liam didn't blast off too quickly. And let's hope Liam is into some guy-on-guy action because I'm looking forward to watching his big dick sliding in and out of another guy's mouth - or ass.

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