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Rudy is the quarterback on his football team and he's finishing his last year in college. From this Midwest, this striking guy stands 6'3" tall and weighs a solid 210 pounds solid. He's 23.

This is Rudy's first time doing anything on camera. And when Sean Cody asked him why he wanted to do a jerk-off video for a gay porn site, he simply said, "Something new. I am always looking for something new." Well, if Rudy is looking for new experiences, I'm sure Sean Cody can hook him up with a few. And I'm hoping we'll see more of this ripped stud in the weeks ahead.

It's a jerk-off session, so what can say? But Rudy really does get into it. By the time he's ready to shoot his cum load, he's glistening in sweat. I love the picture where the camera man is filming over Rudy's shoulder. This football jock is sitting back in a chair, his beefy thighs are spread, his bare feet rest on the floor in front of him, and he's got his fist around his big cock, and he's pulling on it. It's so hot. Then he moves to the couch, lies back, and pounds out a load for the camera. It's quite intense. This boy's going to hot with a cock up his ass!

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