Scouts Roasting their Weenies by the Campfire Scouts Roasting their Weenies by the Campfire

When I heard troop leader Zeb Atlas was taking four scouts into the woods for a weekend of camping, I was hoping he'd end up fucking them all. I knew it would happen, I just wasn't sure if it'd be one at a time or in a gang bang. I had visions of four bums lined up side by side with Atlas making his way down the line. I had no idea that was going to give us a tower of ass. But I'm getting ahead of myself, that's towards the end of the movie.

Scouts Johnny Rapid, CK Steel, Jack Radley, and Zac Stevens take a trip into the Georgia woods with their troop leader Zeb Atlas for a weekend of camping and all the fun that goes along with it. Johnny gets the weekend started and flip flops with CK on a picnic table. The next morning Jack is doing a morning wash-up in the creek in the forest and scout master Zeb spies on him, then fucks his ass. And while on firewood duty, Zac Stevens finds lumberjack Jimmy Fanz and takes care of his dick under a big tree.

So far it's been a pretty good weekend, but while sitting around the campfire, the scouts complain that Jack is the only one who got to play with Zeb's cock. "That's not fair," Johnny says. And Zeb tried to deny it at first, then asks, "Well, do you think there's enough to go around?" Johnny kneels, pulls out Zeb's stiff dick, and this campfire orgy is underway.

And this time the scout master fucks all of the guys, each one bent over the picnic table. And while waiting their turns, they fuck around with each other. For the finale, the scouts pile up into a butt condo on the picnic table and Zeb starts at the top and works his way down all four storeys.

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