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Scott Tanner is a big favourite on Men Over 30; in fact, this is his fifth solo video on the site. He's also done quite a bit of fucking on the mature men site, so there's plenty of Scott to watch. I loved him from the moment I saw him. He's a good-looking man with a hard and hairy body. I love kissing, so I'm immediately drawn to his full, kissable lips. And I've seen him in action, so I'm quite certain this man knows how to kiss. He's sporting a couple of interesting tattoos on his guns. On one inner arm he's wearing, "This Above All: To Thine Own Self Be True," and on the other bicep: "If you're going through hell, keep going!" Now they say a lot about the kind of man Scott is, but we're not here to philosophize. Scott strips naked and gets that magnificent cock of his rock hard. It's a fat chunk of meat with a deliciously plump cock head. Scott kneels on the floor and jack his cock until he spews a huge load of spunk all over the hard wood -- now that's how you polish the floor!

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